NEW! Limited-Time Pod Instructor: Alan Berg

Ready for an affordable new approach to learning and coaching?

Have you tried other learning programs or coaching and are looking for something different? Or, have you tried them but found them hard to stick with? Mentor Pods has asked me to help create a new Beta program to keep you engaged and working on your business, without taking a lot of your time. Join this pod and move your business forward in ways you could never do this quickly, by yourself. And, as part of the Beta program, you get all of the benefits for way less than we’ll be charging later (less than half the price).

Alan Berg Mentor Pods

* * Hurry! Alan’s Mentor Pod is closing soon – once it’s closed we’re not letting new members to join, so everyone is on the same journey for the year! * *

“Mentor Pods is changing my life and my business.”

Why is Alan leading this Beta Pod?

Who is Alan Berg?

If you haven’t already come across Alan at the many conferences where he speaks each year, here’s a little of his experience. With more than 25 years in sales, marketing and sales management, Alan Berg is uniquely qualified to help wedding and event businesses succeed. He was recently included in the “Top 75 Speakers To Watch” by Motivator Music on LinkedIn, alongside Tony Robbins, Gary V and Dave Ramsey. He’s the wedding and event industry’s only Certified Speaking Professional™ and one of only 39 Global Speaking Fellows worldwide!

Alan has extensive sales, sales management and marketing experience ranging from publishing two wedding magazines, to Vice President of Sales at The Knot. He’s an Education Expert for WeddingPro and consults for major industry websites in Ireland, Dubai, India, Australia, the UK, as well as countless venues, hotels, bridal shops, planners, entertainers and more.

Alan has presented in 14 countries, 5 of them in Spanish and recently in French (both of which he taught himself). He’s the author of 6 books including his most popular book: “Shut Up and Sell More Weddings & Events” and his latest: “Why Are They Ghosting Me?”. He speaks to thousands of entrepreneurs and business professionals every year through webinars, live presentations and on-site sales training.

What do people say about his training?

  • “Alan’s guidance and knowledge is invaluable – down to the smallest detail!”
    Leslie Blackwell, Brookside Barn, Ellisville, MS
  • “Alan is a LEGEND true professional and really knows what he is talking about. If we could give him 10 stars we would.”
    Simon Rimmer, Silence Activations, Atlanta, GA
  • “We now have the confidence we need to approach a sales situation and speak authentically and genuinely to arrive at a win-win outcome. I cannot speak too highly of Alan. Not only is he an absolute expert in his field but he’s also a statesman and a truly likable guy.”
    Vince Partridge, West Coast Weddings, Tapping, Western Australia
  • “Alan is such wealth of knowledge and experience and we are so grateful for the time that he spent with us.”
    Kim Moody, The Estate at River Run, Maidens, VA
  • We feel that implementing his brilliant strategies will end up achieving our objectives. Alan has Insightful ideas so plentiful that we were just thrilled.”
    Betsy Scott, The Hill Venue, Hudson, NY
  • He is the best salesman/marketing professional I have encountered and I have an MBA from an Ivy League University.”
    Ripley Hathaway, A Private Estate Venue, Germantown, NY
  • I have been following Alan’s structure for the past 4 months and our ROI on our photo booth side of the business alone has TRIPLED!”
    Nick Vera, Impulse DJs, Lombard, IL
  • You’re my hero, Alan! My average sale has doubled in the last 6 months thanks to you!”
    Kevin Rauth, Denver Lighting and DJ Services, Aurora, CO

How is this different?

Each “pod” is a small group of motivated businesses who meet each week of the year, for a bite-sized learning lesson. This community will be riding shotgun with you along the way. There will be a Facebook group for you to stay in touch and connect on the weekly lessons. I’ll be teaching every other week and another expert will do the alternating weeks. This gives you more perspective and expands the knowledge to other business topics where I’m not the expert.

How is this different than other online learning?

This is happening LIVE each week, not pre-recorded sessions, so you can interact with the instructor, and each other. This will help you hone some skills you already have while learning and improving on ones where you need the help. So often, when you attend a conference, it’s like drinking from a fire hose, too much all at once, and then you don’t act on what you’ve heard, because you’ve heard so much. This is bite-sized learning, so you can take action on what you’ve learned. Each week is a different topic, not connected to the week before, but all applicable to your business.

Is it really affordable?

You could hire Alan privately, at $400 per hour for remote consulting and training, and at 6 hours per month, that would cost $2,400 per month. For a little more than what an hour would cost, you get access and training from Alan and the other experts for 6 hours each month, plus the community access through the Facebook group!

“Thanks for letting me participate! You have a great product and I’m learning a lot from it.”

Why is this a Beta program?

While Mentor Pods has been running other pods for a while, this is my first program with them, so we’ll be working out the few kinks as we go along. Since you’re coming along for that ride, we’re calling it Beta, and offering it at a reduced price. Once we iron out the few details, the price is likely to double.

“I Love how one thing can spark getting your mind going on other things too!”

* * Hurry! Alan’s Mentor Pod is closing soon – once it’s closed we’re not letting new members to join, so everyone is on the same journey for the year! * *

What’s your investment?

Your investment is only 60 minutes each week, same day and time. Can’t make it one week? Your pod facilitator has the option of recording the sessions. You can sign on 30 minutes early to discuss any issues or problems with your pod-mates.

Can I afford it?

You could hire Alan privately at $400 per hour for remote consulting and training, and at 6 hours per month, that would cost $2,400 per month. For a little more than what an hour would cost, you get access and training from Alan and the other experts for 6 hours, plus the community access through the Facebook group!

At only $479 per month, each weekly mini-session can surely give you enough ideas and juice to feel your ROI. How many ideas would you need to make that back? If you take action on a few of the weeks’ lessons, for most wedding and event pros the ROI is easy to see. However, you can’t benefit if you don’t join the pod. Seats are limited, so grab yours today!

“This is getting me more and more excited about the business side of things.”

Ready to get started?

If this is how you want to feel about your business, click the button to join my Beta Mentor Pod now! Have questions? Sure, just call/text or email me.

Seen enough and want to get started? Click the button below to join this Beta pod, and don’t keep it a secret. Tell any friends who would benefit to join, as once the 48 seats are taken, that’s it until the next pod.

Why should you join Mentor Pods?

Great question. Listen to what current Mentor Pod members have said:

Mentor Pods is life-changing as well as business-changing. Matt literally saved our business and renewed our passion for what we love to do.

The accountability is HUGE! It is very valuable. It also helps to create the community within the pod. I LOVE the weekly accountability.

Mentor Pods to me is dynamic, challenging, scary and exciting all at the same time. The group setting is great.

Mentor Pods is the home for growth minded business owners who want the road map to success in all facets of their business.

Taking a business to the next level is often overwhelming. Fortunately, Mentor Pods breaks each step into bite-sized pieces, making it SO much easier to see progress.

Mentor Pods allows you to dig deep and really understand the “business” side of running your company in a group setting.

GAME FREAKING CHANGER. Mentor Pods is the ingredient I was missing in my business. If you are serious about leveling up your business, it is a no brainer.

Mentor Pods has injected energy into our business. No more just floating along wondering how things are going, we are now driving forward in an efficient, meaningful and impactful way.

Want more details?

Mentor Pods is unlike any coaching, course or training program you’ve seen or participated in. Here’s a list of some of the details. Want to know more? Sure, just call/text or email me.

  • 52-week program

    Purposefully built to encourage positive reinforcement for growth + forming good habits.

  • Small Groups

    8-12 people per “pod” (Jumbo Pods of 48 people are on the beta roadmap).

  • Taught LIVE

    The pod leader / instructor facilitates live (nothing pre-recorded).

  • Industry Agnostic

    Mentor Pods’ lessons + methodologies apply to anyone, any business, any department (business in a business).

  • Open Door Focus Time

    Like a college professor with office hours, Pods open 30 minutes early for people bring their issues + problems to the group for discussion and review.

  • Hard Start + Hard Stop

    Each pod is 60-minutes per week. We start on time and end on time.

  • Structured Learning

    a BITE SIZED mini-lesson is taught each week, no prerequisites required

  • Extended Learning

    For advanced users or repeat pod members, lessons have optional extensions for growth (i.e. 201, 301, 401 levels).

  • Pre-Launch Learning Assessments

    When a pod member joins, we assess their skills & comfort in all disciplines of business and work-life balance.

  • Pod Benchmarking

    Pod members get a report of their company info benchmarked against their fellow pod members / industry averages.

  • Customized Content

    The weekly lessons are customized to fit the overall needs of the pod using the pre-launch assessments.

  • Optional Homework / Exercises

    It’s OPTIONAL to implement the things we work on each week. Take it or leave it.

  • Community with Confidentiality

    Each Pod’s info and communications are “closed”. They’re also provided access to a private FB group for extended questions + discussions.

  • Accountability Buddies

    Each member has the option to pair up with another pod member to have a mid-week check in for an additional layer of encouragement + accountability.

  • The Train Doesn’t Stop

    If a number of members OR the facilitator aren’t available due to scheduling conflicts, the session still happens (guest presenter, etc).

  • Guests Are Welcome

    If you want your controller to come to a financial lesson… bring it! Or if you can’t make it, they can come in your place.

  • All Sessions Are Recorded

    If you miss a week, the recording and materials are available for you to access at anytime.

  • Individual Accountability + Attention

    Each pod member has the option to submit their work for questions or review on a weekly basis; and the Mentor Pods’ team will give individual attention and feedback on an ongoing basis.

  • Affordable Investment

    The investment to participate in Mentor Pods is significantly less than quality one-on-one coaching.

Have Questions? Ready to get started?

Have questions? Sure, just call/text or email me.

Ready to get started? Click the button to join this Beta pod, and don’t keep it a secret. Tell any friends who would benefit to join, as once the 48 seats are taken, that’s it until the next pod.